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  • Short term liquidity position of the business.
  • Reasonableness of the Business Plan as a basis to make future lending decisions.
  • The future market prospects and sustainability of the business.
  • Options available to both the business and lenders.
  • Assessment of management and its ability to deal with any crisis and deliver a recovery plan.


A Floriculture investment that had hit head winds due combination of factors-Operational and financial underperformance and value erosion; Weakened credibility with stakeholders; Liquidity shortfalls; Lack of clarity around performance and trust in the numbers (profit and cash); Lack of appropriate experience and skill to tackle issues.

Premium grower

A premium grower and exporter of roses Debt restructured, averting adverse actions The business has since turned cash positive after 36 months off low base in solvency Ticket Size of USD 8 Million.

Kenyan Bank

Run Independent Business Review and Debt Restructuring for Security Printing outfit – USD 3.5 Million.


Marine Logistics

Sell side mandate for Marine Logistics group that was seeking to “move on old Tom”, optimize capital structure and raise new capital to support a growing deal pipeline Ticket Size USD 37 million First round raised USD 15 million and subsequent round will involve a shareholder loan for USD 22 million subject to fulfilment of Conditions Subsequent. Back on track.

Kenyan Bank

USD 14 Million debt restructuring and Corporate Rescue for Real Estate developer, Contractors and Beverages manufacturing outfits.

Kenyan Bank

Four restructurings at the Bank totalling USD 16.125 Million in multiple sectors.

Ongoing Mandates


Energy & Real Estate
Four rounds totalling USD 300 Million (17.6m, 20.4m, 32m and 230m) utilizing structured finance vehicles -ranging from Mezz to Super Senior and Equity tranches.

Kenyan Sacco
Senior Debt raise for USD 150 Million in two tranches to fund their strategy and Housing Fund.

African Bank
Guaranteed debt for USD 65 Million to fund purpose – built hospital.

International NGO
USD 15 Million debt/quasi -equity Structure sourced from MAREF to fund the service departments project in Upper Hill.


East African Bank: USD 43 Million
Corporate Rescue and Debt Restructuring for a diversified group across three verticals.

Kenyan Bank
Three Mandates Totalling USD 36 Million ($30m, 4m and 2m). Funding Term Sheets issued and need to socialize and settle the Corporate Turn Around Funding Structure by Wilben to achieve closing and kick -off the Turn Around plans in earnest.

African Bank: Two assignments: USD 7.5M
Supplies business and Construction Company.

Kenyan Bank
Single Mandate for USD 12M – Property Development in Kilimani.

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